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I’ve written some advanced tips for using Reddit, but a lot of my readers suggested I write more about that initial phase of starting a new Reddit account.

The Reddit Paradox

If you’re new to Reddit you’ll need to get some “karma” to start posting in a lot of subreddits. It can feel like trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

“I have to post stuff to get karma, but I need karma to post stuff… wtf?”

Getting your first bit of karma on Reddit

The best way to get some starter karma is by commenting. Find small communities that relate to your interests and comment there, or give genuine compliments to some people in the gonewild and gonemild subreddits 😀 In addition, there’s free karma subreddits, like /r/FreeKarma4U and others. When you have less than 100 karma, it may feel like you can’t post anywhere at all. To quickly gain that first crucial bit of karma, engage as much as possible in the comments. The more comments you make, the faster you will gain that crucial bit of starter karma.

The only other restriction you’ll encounter is time. Some subreddits won’t let accounts under a week old post.

Other considerations for Newbies on Reddit

You’ll want to go into your settings and mark your profile as NSFW. Reddit is a platform used by minors, so you should be proactive about screening people who DM you. Block minors without hesitation.

Keep in mind, some subreddits will not welcome sex workers at all. Others are more accepting. If you get banned from a subreddit, just move onto the next one. There’s plenty of places to promote yourself.

Some subreddits will make you verify before you post. This usually entails taking a timestamped photo or two with your reddit username written on a piece of paper. While there’s plenty of “open” subreddits, plenty of sex workers find jumping through this verfication hoop to be worthwhile.

Last, but not least, sex workers can benefit from using the pinned post feature on their Reddit profiles. Pin a link or a post that will convert Reddit users to your other platforms.

Even more tips for Reddit

Check out the original article that prompted this one. Once you’ve got that crucial starter karma, use the tips you find in the “Level Up. Level Up. Level Up.” section to really level up your Reddit strategy.


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