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Chaturbate is a great platform to use to promote your OnlyFans and other social media accounts. Don’t rush to sign up and start your first stream there. I have some tips first.

Get yourself setup right before you hop on that first stream. You get a special “new” tag and it seems like you’re promoted heavily for your first stream. Make sure you’re setup to receive tokens, Chaturbate’s in-house currency. It’s also wise to check that you’ve got your profile setup with links to your OnlyFans,, and whatever else works well for you. Once you’ve got that setup, go live. Each time you do, you’ll gain followers, convert them to your OnlyFans, and make additional revenue with Chaturbate’s tokens.

Check out how I setup my profile in the screen capture below. ๐Ÿ˜€

example Chaturbate profile

To increase the conversion of your followers on Chaturbate to OnlyFans, I’d recommend you use the Chaturbate feature that lets you message all of your followers before you go live. Whenever you’re planning to go live for a while, select a non-nude image and edit it in Snapchat or another such app to add text that promotes your OnlyFans.

Below is an example. I used Snapchat to edit a photo of me wearing boxer-briefs. I mentioned that I’d be live soon and that I have a free OnlyFans in the text.

Alert your Chaturbate followers you're going live example

Looking for more ways to promote your OnlyFans? Chaturbate is a great platform to find new followers and make additional income. I’d be thrilled if you used my referral link when you sign up!

Don’t see the link above? It may be problems with an adblocking extension. Here’s the link again:

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